'Don't call me Mum' initiative was set up as a call to all professsionals working with families of children with additional needs, to respect parents as partners. Many parents feel undermined when they are called 'Mum' or 'Dad' in meetings and appointments.


When practitioners introduce themselves we ask this is followed by "And your name is?". In taking the time to know a parents name a professional is making a simple step toward acknowledging the valuable participation parents make in providing the best service, product, assessment or plan for a child.


#parentsaspartners #andyournameis?


Our Values

  • We see parents as partners.
  • We recognise that every consultation, assessment and provision has the best outcome when the views and opinions of parents are shared and respected.
  • We see parents as experts in their children, with specific skills, knowledge and perspective.
  • We acknowledge that effective communication between professionals and parents is essential in ensuring the best outcome for families.

            Recognising Parents as Partners

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Email us: info@dontcallmemum.com

Pioneered by parent 

Rachel Wright, blogger at Born at the Right Time and 


Author of the 5* book 'The Skies I'm Under'.

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